Membership – Terms and Conditions


  1. Membership of EGN and more specifically EGN Singapore is a membership of the agreed peer group for the above person in the specified position only.
  2. As a member of EGN, I agree to follow the below rules and guidelines:
    1. I will only use the membership for knowledge sharing and networking.
    2. I understand that I am expected to share my knowledge with EGN members – in terms of challenges, but also perspectives, ideas, known or proven solution, as well as success and failure stories.
    3. I understand that I am expected to actively engage in discussion, especially during and in-between meetings with the peer group.
    4. I understand and accept that sales and marketing activities are strictly prohibited and will result in termination of membership for violation.
    5. I understand and accept that any information obtained during meetings, via Members Universe, summaries or other means related to EGN is considered as confidential and is not to be shared with non-members in any form or matter that can point directly to any member, unless specifically approved by the peer group, chair of the peer group or MD of EGN Singapore. Non-conformance to above will result in termination of membership.
    6. Existing members of the peer group has veto right regarding new members. To avoid main competitors, suppliers or other persons which can limit the open,
      honest and trustful dynamics in the group.
    7. If any changes happen to the members ‘responsibilities or company represented, the continued membership will have to be re-approved within the same group, or
      may require you to move to another peer group to remove conflicts of interest.
    8. The membership cannot be handed over to anybody else unless with the written approval by EGN Singapore.


  1. The membership provides full participation in all peer group´s member meetings of your assigned peer group.
  2. The membership provides full access to monthly cross-functional events that correspond with your membership tier.
  3. The membership provides access to networking events.
  4. The membership provides free and unlimited access to EGN’s Members’ Universe, an online and app-based platform for knowledge sharing.


  1. The membership is for 12 months.
  2. The membership period starts from date of submission of this agreement or per agreement with EGN.
  3. The membership will be automatically renewed unless the member gives a minimum 1 month notice before the renewal date.
  4. The membership investment is to be paid according to agreement made with EGN before meeting attendance is allowed.
  5. Membership payment details can be found on the invoice.
    1. We accept all modes of payment.
    2. Preference is via our website payment: or alternatively by bank transfer.
    3. Payment via our website is set up as automatic recurring payment and can be on quarterly or monthly basis.

Non Disclosure Agreement

I, the undersigned member of Executives’ Global Network (EGN) Singapore, hereby acknowledge, accept and confirm towards EGN and the members hereof that all information acquired or received by me regarding EGN or the other members hereof during meetings and/or other EGN activities shall be considered to be confidential information, which is not to be disclosed to any third parties except with the prior consent from the member disclosing the confidential information. The duty of confidentiality shall survive for a period of five (5) years at any termination of my membership of EGN, regardless of the reason therefore.